The Wenger philosophy can be explained quickly:

1. Quality 

We strive to deliver nothing less than the highest quality. This begins with the personal selection of the best raw materials and ingredients, which we need for the unmistakable taste of Wenger mustard. But also in the production itself we place the highest importance on a respectful handling of all raw materials and products used, on the highest quality during processing, and meticulous cleanliness and hygiene controls. This is our commitment to our products and to our customers.

2. Tradition

The unmistakable taste of Wenger mustard has a little secret – and that is the old recipes which were brought from France to Austria in 1886, and which we still follow today. However, for the recipes we also need high quality raw materials, above all the Canadian mustard seeds, which provide the unmistakable flavour.

3. Production

We produce our mustard with lots of love and care, because an excellent mustard can only be made with a combination of old recipes, high-quality raw materials, as well as the skill, sensitivity and taste of our production employees. Wenger mustard is a traditional work of art combined with modern standards.

4. Innovation

We are, and will continue to be, a traditional company, but innovation is still important to us. We are constantly trying out new ingredients and combinations to surprise our customers time and again.

These four points are our cornerstones and, together, result in Wenger products of a supreme and consistent quality you can taste.

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