Traditional mustard production

If you open a stoneware pot or tube of Wenger mustard, you can be sure of the best quality. This taste experience is largely due to the select ingredients, but the traditional production of mustard in wooden barrels following old recipes is also decisive for the quality. So how is our excellent Wenger mustard produced?

Quality factor: mustard seeds
The basis is formed by the mustard seeds, which differ according to recipe and colour. We work with yellow mustard (Sinapis alba), brown or sarepta mustard (Brassica juncea), and black mustard (Brassica nigra). Most of our mustard is produced from the yellow mustard, and we exclusively use Canadian quality produce. It is wonderfully mild and makes up the basis for a balanced taste experience. As the brown mustard is much spicier and the black mustard the spiciest, they are used in our "spicier" or "hot" products.

The mash
The mustard seeds are carefully broken up in a roller mill, in a gentle procedure which produces hardly any heat – in contrast to grinding and crushing. Right after squeezing, the mash is prepared in a traditional acacia wood vat. Under constantly stirring, water, mustard flakes, sugar, salt, vinegar and spices are added, following old, original recipes. Only once the fluids are added does the mustard develop its spiciness and aroma. This process is given plenty of time before the grinding begins.

In a corundum stone mill (incidentally, one of the oldest in Austria), the mash is pressed in a milling gap between a rotating and a stationary stone. The size of the milling gap determines the final consistency of the finished mustard. The degree of grinding must be set by hand, also here time and finesse are very important factors in maintaining quality for the next step when turning the ingredients into the various varieties.

Following a suitable resting period, the spicy "gold" is filled into either the popular golden tubes or the traditional stoneware pots. Of course, our mustard varieties are also available in larger containers such as squeeze bottles and tubs – this is more relevant for the catering industry.

Try the different mustard varieties from Wenger for yourself – you will be surprised how many ways there are to cook, season and even bake with them.

Our team as well as our managing director, Benjamin Sintschnig, and production manager, Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Kulmitzer, make sure that you always get the best quality.

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